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Taiwan Dihshiang Enterprise Co., Ltd. ( TEKYO )was established by Mr. Tian-shui Lin in 1945. The company was specialized in textile machine parts and mechanical equipment parts in the early stage. Through the efforts and innovation of a few decades, our customers are now all over the world, including Japan, Southeast Asia, and Europe.

Due to relocation of the Taiwanese textile industry and the consideration of production cost, the company moved to Bandung, Indonesia, in 1995, and cooperated with Germany company, Kolcker, to establish PT. SKD company and to continue the production to serve customers all over the world.

During that period of time, Taiwan was being blended into one loop of the division system of the global automobile industry, and the technology of producing vehicle spare and accessory parts was getting mature.Our company transformed in 1995, and established a factory to produce vehicle chassis parts in Taichung,Taiwan. These were mostly used in forklift truck, farm machinery, agricultural tractor, passenger car, dune buggy and ATV. Products were mainly export to an after-market, and customers were all over the countries in the world.

In 2005, we started to supply our products to Japanese OEM factories. Our customers were majorly from forklift trucks and farm machinery areas of need. We also received IS09001 certification in 2006 by the guidance and assistance of a Japanese customer. In order to promote our product quality and technology, we increased the inspection equipment in 2009, such as duration test machine, ruin test machine, torsion test machine and hardness test machine. For different requests from different customers, we design and produce products that make customer well satisfied.

Quality and delivery time are our most important guarantees to customers. We have been fully trusted by our customers for a very long time, and expect ourselves to continue to provide high quality. new innovation, and customized products to our customers. Diligence and effort ensure our products to meet customer's needs.

弊社は1945年に林天水様がTaiwan Dihshiang Enterprise Co., Ltd ( TEKYO )を創業しました。初期に主な紡織機械部品と機械設備部品を生産します。数十年の努力と革新にわたって、顧客は日本、アメリカとヨーロッパ等各国に及んでいます。

1995年に台湾の紡織工業が国外へ移転したと生産コストが上げましたので、工場はインドネシアのバンドン市へ移転しました。ドイツ会社Klockerと合弁でPT. SKD会社を設立しました。


2005年に日本OEMに製品を供給し始めました。主なフォークリフト部品とトラクター部品を提供します。日本会社のご指導とご協力をくださったおかけで、2006年にISO 9001認証を取得しました。品質と技術に精進するために、2009年に測定設備を増設しました。例えば:耐久試験、破壊試験、引っ張り試験 、硬さ試験。お客様のご要望に応じて、お客様の満足を実現し、最高の製品を生産します。


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