Agricultural Tractor Parts
30 November -0001
TEKYO products are manufactured for Chassis & Steering system. Front Axle of agricultural machine which includes tractor, rice planter and Combine.

Our product range includes Tie Rods, Tie Rod End, Drag Link, Rack End, Top Link, Linkage Balls, Linkage Ends and Linkage Pins.

Steering and suspension components are safety parts that require professional design, manufacturing and assembly due to offer the best possible safety conditions in all driving situations. The tractors usually run on mud or soft ground, so the steering parts must be able to bear large torque and large steering, and the steering parts must be able to bear the erosion of a large amount of mud, soft soil and water, so that the quality can be guaranteed. Each production flow of our products is under strict control, and the strength of products is enhanced, so as to provide the users with the best product quality.



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